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TANK T-34 finneblade - Medium hårdhed 30

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Material: 100% Carbon Fiber T300

Fin Blade dimensions: 700 x 190 mm (including the thermo-rubber protective tip)

Blade hardness: 30 medium

Water rails: Constant Blade

Weight: 190 gr They can be assembled on 300 and 400 footpockets.


TANK T-34 fin blades are ideal for spearfishing in waves and foam, especially in cold and shallow waters. They are extremely reactive with an excellent performance even if they feature a reduced length. They are eclectic and they can be used in different spearfishing situations even with deep dives (0-20mt).


Thanks to their reduced length of 70cm TANK T-34 fin blades are extremely maneuverable and they have a high resistance to impacts against the rocks and the sea floor which might happen when fishing in shallow waters. The thermo-rubber protection greatly reduces the noise when kicking in the water.


TANKT T-34 fin blades are only featured in hardness 30 to meet the needs of the spear fisherman in cold waters who usually carries heavy equipment.




O.P.S. is a revolutionary manufacturing process which features the
overmoulding of thermorubber to create a protective cover on the tip of the
It’s the first time that plastic thermorubber has been overmoulded on carbon
This has been a true challenge. We have conducted tests for over a year which our
fins have successfully passed after 300 hours in the water.
Overmoulding thermorubber, compared to traditional gluing, has allowed us to
work with specific dimensions and geometries which have not compromised
the classic technical features of our fin blades (reduced weight, great elastic
modulus and power) .